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During your stay, delight in the beautiful beach and gorgeous weather as you completely relax and soak up the sun.Enjoy the three Jacuzzis, swimming pool, children’s pool, and water sports.The price is 5 a day for a private pool; 8 for a shared pool, including Continental breakfast.Pink-and-white striped Jeeps are available to help you get around.

16, you can deduct 50 to 80 percent from the hotel prices listed. 16, at a projected peso exchange rate for that date.) Some hotels require guests to pay a rate that includes one or two meals; be sure you know what you're paying for.The Exelaris Hyatt Regency (which used to be known as the Plaza International until the Acapulco Plaza came along) has pleasant, modern double rooms for 3 a night.The most popular discos are within walking distance.Remarkably low prices, caused by sharp devaluations of the Mexican peso, this year brought many people who always wanted to see Acapulco but could never afford it before; some Acapulquenos and regular visitors reacted as if this was an affront to their exclusivity. Acapulco, it should be said, is not the place for everyone.If your idea of a vacation is simply to lie back unmolested on a pristine strip of beach and absorb the sun, you might be happier with the slower pace and cleaner waters of the Caribbean.

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