Adolecent dating in the 2016s

Once in the human population, HIV quickly became a global pandemic, driven by travel and migration patterns, sexual practices, drug use, war, and economics .There are at least two types of HIV virus: HIV-1 is the cause of AIDS, and HIV-2 is a related group of viruses found in West African patients that is less easily transmitted. Most of the West Africans infected with HIV-2 show none of the symptoms of classic AIDS.

Most persons infected with HIV-2 do not develop AIDS, although when they do, the symptoms are indistinguishable from those of HIV-1.

This process continues until the immune system is badly compromised .

Acute HIV infection stage is the time period immediately following infection with the virus.

Medical treatment is available to delay the onset of AIDS. To infect someone, the human immunodeficiency virus must enter the bloodstream.

The virus causes an immune deficiency, and the body cannot defend against infection and disease.

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Sub-Saharan Africa carried the heaviest burden, accounting for almost two thirds of all new HIV infections began to develop a surveillance system in order to uniformly track the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States.

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