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It is important for teens to remember to stay safe online, especially when interacting with others.Inappropriate content, Internet predators and cyber bullies are lurking around every corner.Even though may not want their parents involved in their Internet use, allowing parents to be involved a little can help keep everyone safe.Take the following precautions to ensure online safety: For parents, talking to teens about making good choices online helps deter any unwanted behavior.How many times have you been stuck in the rat's maze of Facebook profile settings and thought, "This is such a turn-on. One website, Faceporn (, decided that the constant stress of agonizing over personal privacy in social networks was going to be the next "Behind The Green Door" for our generations.I can't believe that no one has made a porn version of Facebook, because surely this pleasure must be taken to the next level"? Billing itself as "the number one socializing porn and sex network," the site aimed to create an X-rated social network, taking the literal "face book" concept to one of "face porn" which actually sounds a lot less appealing. Unfortunately for them, and everyone else with a Facebook fetish, Facebook did not like this very much.Boys can browse the reading lists, read reviews or learn how to start a group locally.The site also has a Twitter page, which young boys who like to read will enjoy. These websites give them a chance to do that virtually while playing games, exploring virtual worlds and taking polls and quizzes.

In Facebook's court filing, the company stated that Faceporn "blatantly copied the Facebook logo, site and Wall trademark" while showing screenshots that exemplified Faceporn's blue-and-white color palette, Wall-style postings, and where users could send a "flirt" -- even though in this instance, you would think a "poke" would be more appropriate. " In the meantime, Facebook wants the court to order Faceporn to turn over the domain and all of Faceporn's revenue.

As they interact with their virtual friends, they can win virtual rewards and share their favorite music.

Girls can also earn points and become celebrities within the virtual world.

Of course, while interacting with other teens virtually, teens also need to be safe online and report any cyber bullies or other predators.

Instagram allows teens to share snapshots of their daily lives and share them with friends.

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