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Susan Blackmore, author of The Meme Machine, says today’s brain -- your child's in particular -- is shaped by memes.Memes are units or streams of information constantly competing for our attention, moving through a culture by popping up or flashing on websites, TV commercials, or video clips, for instance.Recognize that chatrooms are the playground of today's sexual predator.Even monitored chatrooms offered by some Internet service providers are not able to detect a disquised predator lurking in a chatroom.Your child, whether in seventh or 11th grade, can relate to the characters in ttyl because their digital conversations – interactive streams of chitchat fit for a short attention span – are similar to the correspondence with her own friends.

Some kids you meet in chat rooms may not really be kids; they may be adults with bad intentions. Never respond to or send email or instant message to new people you meet online. Instead, show it to your parents and let them handle it.Could this format, instead, be a negative influence on budding writers and readers?As with any literary device, there are limitations.“An IM novel is a modern interpretation of the epistolary,” a novel written as a series of letters, diaries, newspaper clippings, and other documents.These popular 18th century novels, often about amorous affairs, were told through the exchange of letters between lovers; more complex tales dealt with adventure and intrigue: letters were delivered to the wrong hands, some were faked, and others were hidden from characters.

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