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I hope Daniel, Emma, Rupert all have amazing adult careers after the HP films. He looks like Brad Pitt's drugged out younger cousin looking for a fix.Unlike their American counter parts on the Disney Channel, these teenagers can act, and don't bore you to death with their sweetness. I am glad I have an appropriate forum to confess this...Put another way, grown women go to shocking lengths to look 18, or younger. Men tend to hit their physical prime much later, and it's much harder to fake.Upshot, I won't take DR-- or any man-- seriously as a sex object until he's too old for that to be a problem.But, as w/many others who've been pidgeonholed into the characters they've made famous, The Beaver, Gilligan, Skipper, any & every Lord of the Rings character etc. the reason I'm disturbed by the Ashleys and Britneys is that they go from bubblegum popstar to a remarkable fascimile of pornstar in the blink of an eye.

He doesn't seem the sort to haul off on an SUV with an umbrella... Maybe if they airbrushed more hair and a bigger chest or something I could see the comparison to the Simpsons and Lohans of the world. I also applaud Radcliffe for trying to have a career.

While I don't claim teenage boys are as insecure as teenage girls, since they tend not to wear it on their sleeves, every teenage boy at some point is very insecure in terms of who they are and what they are doing.

You don't know anything about the interior life of teenage guys, so don't go around pretending that you do.

Is a bare-chested leather-clad Harry Potter as big of a youthquake as Ashlee Simpson's plastic surgery or Lindsay Lohan's underage antics? Boys barrel through their teenage years with a solid sense of self?

Seriously, you should never talk about something you obviously know absolutely nothing about again.

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I'm not sure I agree about the Details cover portraying a more adult, and therefore sexualized, image of Radcliffe. I saw a publicity photo of Harry Potter kissing Cho on NPR and I got all teenage-girly about it.

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