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A hard reset of your Black Berry Bold may resolve an issue with receiving your emails.

A hard reset forces your phone to reload all of the normal startup applications on your phone and check for new emails.

Note: The Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) service will be retired by January 1, 2015; see ARCHIVED: About the retired BES (Black Berry Enterprise Server).

("3G" by itself will allow you to send and receive SMS text messages, but not email.) The letters should be upper case; in some cases, lower-case versions of the same letters indicate more limited options, as indicated in the table below: .If your network status indicates email support, but you still cannot send or receive email, continue troubleshooting. If the "G" or "EDGE" is not uppercase, this indicates that the devices are in range of an area with limited coverage.Phone calls and texting will work, but data like web browsing and BES mail delivery will most likely not.Click “OK.” You typically start receiving all your emails within the next 30 minutes.Your email filters can affect whether or not you receive all of your messages on the Bold smartphone.

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