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You don’t see it often in Britain, where you’d probably be arrested for causing an affray or some such thing.Athens, and indeed much of Greece, is now showing signs of crisis fatigue, it’s true, and anger as well.I wondered how it would seem now and if the indelible Greek spirit would be trashed, as some reports have led us to believe.But in a narrow street in the Plaka, just under the Acropolis, we saw the kind of feisty, maverick attitude that we have come to expect of Greeks, and admire. Greek motorists seem to have lost none of their desire to park ‘creatively’, where they please, whether it’s over pedestrian crossings or on pavements, or up trees, if it were at all possible.Read through members profiles and checkout their pics and get in touch, who knows where it will lead?Join Asian Dating Sydney free today and start meeting local Asian singles in the next few minutes!Outside a popular taverna on an intersection, a policeman was writing a ticket for a car parked completely over the corner of the pavement, blocking the way for pedestrians.

There is a very good chance that this could become #24tripsin24months or #36tripsin36months….

The inflight meal came and it was the absolute worst. I told him about the amazing meat pie I’d had on my Qantas Link flights between Perth and Exmouth and because I can’t help but take photos of almost everything I eat (it really is quite the mystery as to why I’m single right?!? Two complete strangers having met only 2 hours ago.

) I showed him the photographic evidence of said pie. My recent travels, the love of my life (my car), the racetrack…all whilst the wine flowed. It was a night flight and the cabin was dim and we were clearly pissing other people off with how loud we were talking and laughing. And I’m sure the rest of the plane noticed as suddenly instead of lots of giggling we were silent.

I’d had this AMAZING two week holiday by myself starting in Exmouth Western Australia swimming with Humpback whales, then to Broome where the highlight was the horizontal falls day trip where I travelled by 4WD, then seaplane, then helicopter and jet boat. I started the journey back to Sydney by checking in at Broome’s very basic airport that was almost like a bus shelter and the customer service woman asked if I wanted to be upgraded to an exit row. As I was boarding, the customer service woman told the guy in queue in front of me that he was upgraded to an exit row and asked if that was ok. I followed him onto the flight and found that we were in the same row, which was the front row with a spare seat between us.

We said hello and I joked to him that it was typical to get upgraded to the pointy end of the plane only when there isn’t a business class (we were on a lil’ Fokker regional flight). The flight attendant came and educated us on our responsibilities as exit row people and I warned him that in the case of emergency I was pushing him out the way and taking off down the slide first.

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