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Selina's mother challenged him to spend two weeks in a haunted hotel (that had been closed down for years) with Selina to prove that ghosts really exist.He, of course, agreed to the challenge as part of his crusade against fraudsters after a fake psychic almost ruined his family after the death of his father.The basic premise of the story is a giving-into-lust tale with the ghost element helping to fill in the rest of the events.Characterisation isn't very strong and the relationship between the two main characters seems far more lust-based than anything else.Her character claimed to be psychic, and admittedly it was proven to the reader that she could see ghosts, however the ghosts remained invisible and obviously the skeptic, Trent, couldn't see the ones she could speak with.

I don't usually read romance novels, so maybe that's the reason I had a hard time reading this book. I cared more for the background characters than I did for the two main characters, Selena and Trent.**SPOILER**Basically the gist of the story is Trent hurts Selena's feelings by calling her a "delusional" on TV.

If she would just stop looking at his butt long enough to remember that - after all he IS the enemy and one doesn't sleep with the enemy... Throw in a couple of mischievous but well meaning sex-starved ghosts - Dixie and Wesley - a saloon girl and a cowboy who were murdered at the Hotel in the old west and you have a sure recipe for LOL moments and some very wicked, spicy fun!

The chemistry between Trent and Selena is sizzlin' hot - you can almost feel it smoke right off the pages!

Trent Sanders doesn't believe in what he can't touch or he cant see, so he is out to prove that Selena is a scam artist and a fraud.

Tricked by Selena's mother who issues a challenge to both of them, they have to spend two weeks at a old historically creepy, run down hotel.

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