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He recently visited NZ with his wife for four days.In Part to repay €30, 000 to another unsuspecting person, I am currently receiving his lawyer’s letters threatening to take a criminal case against me for destroying the business of BVIPS- Bring it on.I suggest that you send an email claim to his lawyer in Fuengirola Eva Fortes email [email protected] his partner David Mahood - [email protected] rather hope that others out there read this comment and take similar action.The obvious question is how, if so, after so many years of doing this, does he not know what the banking regulations are and why would he make contracts knowing he will breach them?

As his is a non-resident account because he is not a citizen of spain, he apparently then uses that money for his personal use and uses his own funds in another bank for trade but does not reveal that.


I am hearing of more and more people who have been lured into this investment and were never paid despite absolute guarantees on payment dates, etc.

This company is operated by Edouard Boonen - CEO, The website claims the company is compliant with and registered to act in Financial Investment Program. Records and History indicate that whilst he Talks the Talk in millions, he has never delivered on any investment program.

I know, check his Company and review the annual returns since incorporation in 2012.

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Personally I am owed in excess of €800, 000 as is the case with another party, Currently BVIPS will shortly be served with claims for breach of Contract amounting to €10, 000, 000 and breach of employment contracts, whist stating the Company has €50, 000, 000 on Santander Bank BVIPS account.

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