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But the board lacks staff to oversee each of the hundreds of water agencies, which range dramatically in size and scope.

Some local agencies that are tasked with achieving savings do not have the resources to issue tickets to those who waste water, and many others have chosen not to do so.

Some local water departments have called the proposal unrealistic and unfair, arguing that achieving steep cuts could cause higher water bills and declining property values, and dissuade projects to develop drought-proof water technology such as desalination and sewage recycling.

Californians have long complained that the nation’s most populous state has little direct influence on presidential elections. For one thing, it’s no sure thing that it would expand California’s power. The last time California went early — when it was one of many states holding primaries on Feb.

It’s unclear if the Democratic majority in Sacramento has thought through the potential effects of moving California’s Democratic and Republican primaries from late in the election calendar to right after Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Good for this state, maybe, but not good for competition and wide-open debate.

Candidates who aren’t well-funded from the start would have less chance at their party’s nomination.

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