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Ihr monatliches Hörbuch können Sie immer frei aus über 200.000 Titeln aussuchen.Es gibt keine Mindestlaufzeiten: Sie können jederzeit kündigen.Tagline: “No beauty secrets." Unlike most existing beauty content which is contextualized around products or events--Fashion Week! As Pratt introduced the contributors or “characters” (as she slipped up and called them) to press this morning, you get the sense that her contributors are as well cast as a boy band. There’s Allegra, the glamorous one, who is dating a member of the cast of .Marci is the xo Vain Beauty Director and “nerd.” There’s Annie K, who Pratt described as the “wild child." Hannah, who was introduced to Pratt by Tavi Gevinson, serves up retro-glam and Clara Bow makeup tutorials. It’s a full beauty funhouse, but instead of a bearded lady, there is a shoppable post about how to date a foot fetishist despite having gross, cruddy toenails, and a Make Under featuring Snooki.

You get to know and care about them and their beauty routines, not just because they are saying, “Here’s how to use this product.”Where does xo Vain fit in among the breadth of already existing beauty content? It falls in between what you can get on bigger beauty sites, where you can get product recommendations and shop.

[For example,] one of our contributors Annie, did a story about how the cockroaches in her bathroom have superpowers because she takes all these vitamins and pees in the shower.

By then a disgraced beauty editor at Lucky Magazine, she had been in rehab a number of times at the behest of her bosses, and was divining a very fine line between beautiful and damned.

My cubicle was in view of everyone who walked in and I remember Cat walking by now and again, looking awesomely disheveled from what I could only assume was a rager of a night that equaled or surpassed the night had.

She rocked it in a way that girls on the street probably saw her and thought “God, I wish I knew how to party that hard just to be able to achieve that look”.

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