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Their argument is that if people are using BCE to be sensitive about non-Christians, then how are they planning to be sensitive about other facts regarding the western calendar? • Since BC is a reference made with the birth of Christ, BC is for Christians.

This is based on the fact that western calendar is influenced by a lot of religious beliefs. • Since BCE does not have any religious references, it is for non-Christians.

However, what everyone should remember is that practically, if one says 7 BC or 7 BCE, they both refer to the same time period.

For example, if you take the month of January, the name January was inspired by the name Janus. • Some say using BCE instead of BC is good because that shows the authors are respecting non-Christians.

• Some say it is not useful because most of the western calendar is influenced by a number of different religions. However, just like people using differently-abled as the politically correct term for disabled people and saying homemaker instead of housewife, using BCE is accepted as the politically correct method.

Usage Note: In the sense of "financial resources" means takes a plural verb: His means are more than adequate.

In the sense of "a way to an end," means may be treated as a singular or plural.

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