=3 Enter the darknesschatbot: pwease =Dyou: *bleep*you: Runescapeyou: XDchatbot: go to the store and buy me some pounds.chatbot: hehyou: chatbot: the girl part made me think itwas you =pyou: Foiled again chatbot: im I'm ilovharvestmoon, and I'm not a chatbotchatbot: i lost my chatbot in a fight.chatbot: I never said thatyou: I lost your mom in a fightchatbot: my mom is in the hospital you: Is this someone from neoseeker? you: not much room in herechatbot: I DONT CAREyou: no? chatbot: TIMMEH D:you: I'm bouncing you.chatbot: oyou: I'm sad chatbot: *okchatbot: timmeh?

chatbot: R U A BOY OR GIRLyou: girlchatbot: THEN I WILL FORCLY RAPE Uyou: not nicechatbot: WHAT IS UR PHONENUMBER AND EMAIL BITCHyou: uhhhchatbot: you sucking my huge dickyou: email is [email protected]: thats all your gettingchatbot: IM GONNA COME 2 YOUR BEDROOM AND *bleep* Uyou: oh? chatbot: TIMMEH D:you: hichatbot: TIMMEH D:you: what?

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