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As such support for plugins relying on NPAPI to work within browsers is no longer possible.At present the only solution is to revert to an older version of Google Chrome or switch to a another browser with support for NPAPI e.g. The new update of Google Chrome is not supporting Java plugin hence systems using cloud software on Chrome such as ERP may not run on Chrome.When Google released Chrome 42, it disabled some historically problematic browser plug-ins by default.Plug-ins, such as Java from Oracle and Silverlight from Microsoft, use an API from the 1990s called Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI).

#enable-npapi 3) Then do relaunch now It will close Chrome and open again. The plugin works fine in IE and Firefox, but in Chrome it fails and the pages that try to use the plugin act as if Java is not installed. it is an easy fix , I also had a lot of trouble with java in chrome go to this web site chose the 32 bit java FX for most people download and install your problem is ficex I still have problem with emails though Just now I ran into this issue, which was caused by an MSI installer trying to update Java and fracking things up.I have tried this in both Chrome 8 and Chrome 9 with the same result. @chastity: I have the same problem, and the Java plugin doesn't even appear in Chrome's list of plugins, so the link above doesn't help. Basically Chrome looks at registry to find a better java version than the System32 one, so it accesses this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla Plugins inhere Plugin,version=x.x.x is where the RIGHT path of the plugin is defined.The issue you have encountered is that Google Chrome 42 (as well as later versions) disabled NPAPI by default, and with it, the Java plug-in (among other plug-ins).With the updated browser, when you visit web pages with Java content, you see a gray area with a puzzle piece display in its place instead.

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The extension also allows you to set up Auto URLs that automatically open specified URLs using IE Tab.

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