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Will I be able to play both games day one without updating IF my internet doesn't allow me to right away? I'm getting a PS4 on the 27th and this game, along with Assassin's Creed IV.Any help is appreciated I've asked this on Yahoo answers and Gamefaqs but no one has given me a answer yet. However my internet has been acting up on my PS3 since I have no choice to run off of Wi-Fi and it's aways given me problems when it comes to updating games and the console.In particular, some of you will want to buy or download a PSP game onto their Vita in order to install Adrenaline. If you own multiple PS Vitas on the same account, and one of them has the game in question, you can back it up to your PC, then copy that game to the other Vita through QCMA.Update: we initially stated in this section that you could use an “up to date” PS Vita to buy the game and back it up to the 3.60 Vita.

Some people say that this doesn’t work anymore, others have gotten it to work: your mileage might vary here but this is an option you can try if you don’t have a second PS Vita or a PS3.All retails disc based games - are playable - without any day one updates.You may miss out on essential bug fixes though and improvements, so it's advised to update all games. I would try and update them - just in case you run into a bug and it ruins your experience!This is good advice about the console - since it's always recommend to also update the firmware for stability and adding in new features!It might be a good idea to maybe look into having the console wired to the router - since Watch_Dogs has a lot of online connectivity!

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