Consolidating data multiple workbooks excel

Let’s say you want to insert a consolidated table in a blank worksheet…In that case, make sure to check the boxes for ‘Top row’ and ‘Left column’ in the ‘Use labels in’ section below ‘All references:’.Our range of data that includes the column and row labels is ‘B3: E7’.Select that range in our destination worksheet and then click ‘Add’ – and you’re done!

This source data could be within the same Excel workbook on different worksheets.Once you have selected all four ranges of source data, make sure the checkboxes in the ‘Use labels in’ section are selected. We now have a consolidated table with row and column labels!However, we are not done with our ‘Reference:’ selection because it has no cell range reference yet.For instance, you have three sheets data as below screenshots shown, now you want to consolidate the average, max or min value of each product in each month, how can you do?Some of you may think that calculate them by yourself is quick, but pay attention, here I just take three sheets as instance, and how about calculate manually if there are hundreds of sheets?

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Merge all worksheets of active workbook into one worksheet with VBA code Merge worksheets or workbooks into one worksheet with Kutools for Excel The following VBA code can help you to get data from all worksheets of active workbook together into a new single worksheet.

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