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In 1987–88 the Cypriot Gay Liberation Movement (AKOK, or Apeleftherotiko Kinima Omofilofilon Kiprou) was created.As a LGBT rights organisation in the nation it has been successful in helping to repeal the civilian criminal prohibitions regarding homosexuality.

In the same case there were reports of mobbing and harassment.The pandemic came to Cyprus in 1986, and since then has had a few hundred of people living with HIV/AIDS.The government regularly tests pregnant women, drug users, National Guard troops and blood donors.The Cyprus military still bars homosexuals from serving, believing that homosexuality is a mental illness.Gay sexual conduct is also, technically, still a crime under military law; the term is 6 months in a military jail although this is rarely, if ever, enforced.

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Today, the universal of consent is seventeen years of age.

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