Dating bitterness

No matter how many Oprah life classes you tune into or self-help books you buy, only you know what work specifically for your life.

I think most people have decent intuition about what’s needed in their lives, but choose the options that are easier or more convenient.

In the meantime, here are a few tips on how to tell what to apply and what to abandon: I never understand why women take advice on getting and keeping a man from their man-less friends.

Make sure the advice that’s being given to you is coming from a genuine place and not just from jealousy woman who are jaded from repeated hurt or rejection.

If it’s one thing that bothers me most, it’s bitter older women.

I hate to see women give younger women biased advice like, “All men cheat. All it does is give young women a pessimistic view and taint their expectations on life.

Human Design is a system of knowledge that is a remarkable tool for understanding yourself and your environment.

It forces women into a victim mentality where they begin to think the world is working overtime to make them unhappy, when in reality what they need to do is evaluate their choices.

I remember when I first revealed to my colleagues that I got engaged.

While most people had nothing but well wishes, there was one older woman who saw it as an opportunity to campaign against marriage because her three had failed.

I think everyone should have chance at happiness, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to come easy.

It’s important for women to make peace with their past at a certain point in their lives and stop licking the wounds of lives past.

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  1. "Men often fear losing their independence, but when a woman hints that she doesn't need a guy, suddenly his fears of being smothered vanish and he's begging to be penned into your day planner." And, says Kreidman, "too many women brush off their friends and hobbies for a man.