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As The Last Resort pursues the ship that has Jarael, it is identified by Captain Saul Karath's Courageous, and Karath assumes that Carrick is a Mandalorian operative when The Last Resort is detected jumping towards Mandalorian space.

Camper is tracking Jarael via a homing device in her bracelet, and Dyre convinces Hierogryph and Carrick to let him out so that he can help them rescue Jarael—for as he explains, he is known as Rohlan the Questioner, a Mandalorian who is determined to discover Mandalore's reasons for starting the war.

With Hierogryph's reluctant help, Carrick evades the Masters, tricking them into searching Taris's Undercity while the duo approach a refugee camp in the region known as Machineville.

There, Hierogryph seeks out the aging Arkanian Offshoot engineer Camper and his fierce protector Jarael in hopes of acquiring a route offworld, but when the Jedi and Taris's police arrive, the group is forced to launch into space aboard the junk hauler The Last Resort—which promptly loses power once in orbit.

The remaining members of the crew flee through the forest back to The Last Resort, but the Mandalorian commander Rohlan Dyre, seeing an opportunity to escape, steals The Last Resort himself.

With Elbee's help, Camper, Hierogryph, and Carrick barely manage to board The Last Resort as it takes off amid blaster fire from Dyre's own troops.

Written by John Jackson Miller, Knights of the Old Republic saw a variety of different artists and cover artists draw various issues of the series, and Kot OR serves as a sequel to the earlier Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi comic series and a prequel to the popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game.He and Jarael—who still resents Carrick for uprooting and exposing her and Camper—discover the Jedi's damaged droid T1-LB, or Elbee, before they escape Master Draay and the police on the rogue moon.Back on The Last Resort, Carrick and the others examine T1-LB's memory: the droid witnessed the Jedi Masters experience a Force vision that predicts their deaths at the hand of a red-armored figure.Camper quickly attacks Dyre with Jarael's shockstaff, and with Elbee's help the group is able to subdue the Mandalorian and lock him in a storage compartment known as a Camper Special.Meanwhile, Jarael is imprisoned aboard a Mandalorian ship that enters the ongoing naval battle between the forces of Mandalore the Ultimate and the Republic Navy.

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"And one of the things I kept coming back to was right there in the very first prose Star Wars novel, ghost-written by Alan Dean Foster.

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