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It turns out that the more people compared their own lives to the lives of their Facebook friends, the more likely they were to experience depression.

This isn't a surprise - we've all had that moment of thinking "?

I didn't want to look like a stalker, so instead I became I liar. And I was never able to get past the guilt I felt about it. Don't Play The Comparison Game There is actual research about the negative emotional impact of comparing yourself to the happy, shiny lives portrayed by others on social media.

The University of Houston conducted a study to discover the link between time spent on Facebook and depression.

And you might be actually sabotaging your future by making all sorts of assumptions about him from his curated Instagram feed that have little connection to the reality of dating him.

Not to mention that you are destroying an opportunity for the two of you to organically share important information about each other as your relationship progresses.

It doesn't help to bring more love into your life, but usually has the opposite effect - of bringing more anxiety and unhappiness. How about those clearly bitter people who are pessimistic about love and freely share their bitterness?

It's an easy trap to fall into - sharing your every dating up and down with the world with a few keystrokes, after all - you've sat and observed the chronicles of everyone else's love life.

When he eventually shared this information with me face-to-face, I made a snap decision to pretend I didn't already know - I had found out in the "rabbit hole" and we weren't Facebook friends.

Have you ever found yourself going down the social media rabbit hole that leads you to knowing where all members of your new girlfriend's family live and what they've named their children?

In your heart, you probably know this is too much information too soon. If things work out between you, you will eventually find out all you need or want to know about his nieces and his prom date.

My point is not to imagine that everyone is as dissatisfied with their love lives as you might be at times.

My point is that comparing yourself and your journey to others is a counterproductive behavior. Don't Overshare There is more than one way to overshare on social media. You know that person who announces every new relationship, every date, every OKCupid message and every awkward text exchange on social media?

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If you share a play-by-play of your love life, you're put in the uncomfortable position of having people ask you about your love life even when it takes a turn you'd rather keep to yourself.

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