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Please let me know what you would like covered in this newsletter, feel free to contribute, and let me know if you would like changes to the format.Satsuma is a type of pottery made by the Japanese for export in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.Most of it was not made at Satsuma, however, but at Kyoto, and from there was sent to Tokyo to be decorated.It is characterized by a cream colored body and an ivory-white crackle glaze.The Subject for this years Show is Satsuma Buttons.

as opposed to the traditional Oriental designs found on the older buttons. Both back and front are colored with underglaze cobalt blue. Another delicately colored floral design, this one is of wisteria and iris, with a gold-decorated blue border and blue back. Butterfly and flowers with a background of exceptionally fine gold dots and cobalt blue back. The wicker garden chair appears at lower right on three buttons and lower left on the remaining three. Japanese iris, a very common subject on Satsuma buttons.

Judy, also, offered to have our Aug meeting at her familys business at Fun Town USA in Saco.

This months project was preparing for the MSBS July show, which is hosted by our York County Club.

Today we find ourselves becoming a more disciplined forum and have elected to induce short presentations on subjects of interest to our fellow Buttoneers.

A scheduling of these Projects and Presentations will be listed in our Newsletter and their contents will also be reproduced.

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