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All couples have to do is show up." We treat you as a person, not a website profile.

With that in mind, I put together a list of 10 factoids every single person should know: 1. This means there are over 100 million unattached folks out there.Maybe you have been without someone special in your life for a while.Whatever your life story is, let us assist you in finding that special someone, from casual daters to serious singles.Other cities where gals got it good include Austin, Texas; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Tempe, Arizona; and Sunnyvale and Santa Ana, California.A coincidental bonus for women thinking of relocating: All of these cities are sunny and warm. The best place for single people on the prowl is New York, where 50 percent of state residents are unmarried, and Washington, D.

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  1. I feel that it was based on Shawn's personal experience in dating and marriage. As someone who didn't grow up in the western world, I've always found dating habits, in the USA some what complicated and very amusing, compared to where I'm from originally(West Africa).