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After enjoying years as a play-by-mail game, Diplomacy was one of the first games to move to take advantage of e-mail, and continues to be a popular email game as of 2007., released in 1983 by DK'Tronics and running on Sinclair's ZX Spectrum.One of the earliest titles in this genre was Balance of Power, designed by Chris Crawford and published in 1985.Players-politicians can change taxes, custom dues, rent rates, transportation fees and regulate budget which affecting macroeconomics of the game world.

In Crisis in the Kremlin, the user could play as the protege of any of the following Soviet politicians: Mikhail Gorbachev of the reformist faction; Yegor Ligachev, leader of the hard-line faction; and Boris Yeltsin, who was the prevalent figure of the nationalist faction.This game features conflict at the height of the Cold War, using political and policy decisions to shape outcomes rather than warfare.In Balance of Power, any armed conflict between the player and the opponent superpower results in a nuclear war, which is considered a loss condition.The game is heavily tied to modern polling methods, using real-time feedback for how campaign strategy impacts polling numbers.In 2006, Theory Spark released President Forever 2008 Primaries, an election simulation game that allows the player to realistically control an entire election campaign through both the Primaries and General Election.

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The player could use the simulation to test certain strategies to lead the failing Soviet Union into a new era of prosperity or force its dissolution and integration into the new world order.

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