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Do not be surprised if you constantly get other peoples mail.This is another feature fail that will leave you frustrated.You will have wasted your time and money, and hiked your blood pressure while at it.This is a terrible website, and you should stay AWAY at all costs.Your search will yield results for women that are nowhere close to your type despite specifying what kind of woman you are looking for.In addition to this, there are most probably no women in your area.There are also random matches with people miles away from your area. There are also plenty of other unethical practices here, and the whole thing is just a sham.You have no chance of meeting a date on this website. You can also expect to get messages that are obviously computer generated. Dating has been swindling users of their hard-earned money for many years now.

Although they claim that it is possible to exchange contacts on ; it seems that they purposely make this difficult for you so that you remain on the site and continue paying your subscription fees.

There is also a huge problem when cancelling your subscription.

Even after cancelling your subscription, you will continue to be billed.

The process is also overly complicated, making it very difficult for you to cancel.

It seems this is a deliberate tactic by the website to continue billing you for a service that you are no longer using.

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