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Did you just witness a terrible driver doing something illegal?

Everyone’s angry about things we can’t control, things that, as ordinary citizens, we have little input about: immigration policy, defense spending, climate change. It’s posted on You Tube — did they have that in the 20th Century?

Okay, I’m alive and my family is employed and healthy. There’s enough turmoil these days to give Carnation cows indigestion. (He pushed a massive, disruptive road/bus project primarily for his contractor/developer friends. 72 percent of the public voted against it.) Screw the 21st Century. I’m going to refer to a video from a camera inside a Waffle House in Fort Myers, Florida.

There’s no audio, so what went down verbally is vague, relies on the witnesses’ testimony.

So what information is available to a police officer when they run a license plate number?

All information associated with a license plate number only applies to the person the vehicle is registered to.

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The arch enemy of any teenage girl looking to spend some time with a new boyfriend is a parent with strict rules.

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  1. In a phone interview, I asked Abtahi, who resides in Tehran, about this, to which he answered: In this city and many others throughout Iran, most young people date and have sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend, which is not in accordance with Islam and the country's law.