Did david spade dating heather locklear

A source close to Spade revealed that the Joe Dirt actor 'really likes' the Glee starlet, but that the pair are 'still trying to keep things private.'The source did reveal, however, that Naya and David 'have hung out a couple of times since Hawaii.' Jokes on you!After turning heads when spotted with the SNL alum in Hawaii, the Glee starlet poked fun at herself and rumor-mongers in a Snapchat video where she coos 'Holy sh** guys.The Scoop reports: “I’m so in love it’s ridiculous,” Spade told a “friend,” according to Life & Style weekly.“Never in my life did I think I’d be with someone so gorgeous and successful. It’s all about timing.” Spade’s rep issued a “no comment,” but the mag reports that the “Just Shoot Me” star plans to pop the question this summer.The deputy called in and said: Filed under: Music Minute • Film Flickers • Donald Trump • Heather Locklear • Dog The Bounty Hunter • You Tube • Perez TV • Selena Gomez • Lady Ga Ga • Nicki Minaj • Jennifer Lawrence • Ivanka Trump • The Weeknd • KUWTK • Blac Chyna Kim Kardashian West thinks using a surrogate is harder than carrying a baby! A confession about Perez Hilton's own experience with that! Apparently David Spade doesn't want to lose Heather and we don't blame him.I just saw them.'She didn't deny her romance with the comedian, however. Spade's dated a host of beauties, including Heather Locklear, who told TMZ that star's healthy 'package' is why ladies love him before telling the site she was just joking.

The star also has a daughter with Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace.

The easter bunny and the f***ing tooth fairy are for sure dating'Heads turned when the odd couple were first spotted displaying some serious PDA poolside while vacationing in Hawaii late March.

Both stars have been quiet about the romance, but Naya did poke fun at herself and nosy fans on Snapchat after the rumor mill started churning.

Asked if Spade was well-endowed, she replied in the affirmative, surprised Stern wasn't more with it. star fell for Jack Nicholson—and the stories are not mutually exclusive.

In the late 1990s, "Nicholson asked Lara Flynn Boyle out in front of me, while we were all smoking a doob somewhere," Spade recalled in the September 2015 issue of .

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