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We’re not saying it’s time to bring them back, but if you feel so inclined... to the massive phone and the millions of rhinestones wasted to “glam” it out.

T-MOBILE SIDEKICKSThe T-Mobile Sidekick was essentially the precursor to the modern smartphone: It had internet access, a full keyboard, and a “sophisticated” swivel screen that was both obnoxious and addictive. STUDDED WHITE BELTSNothing screamed “punk-rock poser” more than a studded white-leather belt.

VELOUR TRACK SUITS and Britney Spears, velour tracksuits (most specifically ones made by Juicy Couture) took over closets across America. Bonus if you paired it with your mini monogrammed Louis Vuitton pochette bag.

In the long term, cities may need to continue designing better solutions to accommodate bicyclists, but in the meantime: drivers could learn a thing or two from a practice found in Europe.Now, halfway into the ’10s, it seems as if we’re grasping at every nostalgic straw we can get our hands on: ’90s chokers, ’60s bell bottoms, Woodstock-esque festival wear...And, well, we kind of miss all of the sloppy aughts trends.This particular author went to a sample sale for Triple 5 in 2002 and the line was packed and a fight erupted over a cropped baseball jacket, in which said author briefly became a horrible person in order to procure said jacket. Was there a more thrilling feeling than seeing your crush online, practically begging you to message them? ” Nothing quite like those four words drive a knife into a blogger’s heart.

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