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GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Earlier this month, a father received a disturbing text from his teen daughter: she was held, under threat of death, at a house on Lakeview Avenue in Battle Creek. When Battle Creek police showed up, officers saw her in the window. Some of the sexual assaults were recorded on a cell phone.

“We’re no longer just talking about closing the gender gap in tech — we’re actually doing it,” she wrote.She said she is now focused on teaching women from deprived areas, and will offer scholarships for their seven-week Summer Immersion Program.The group also plans to expand into every state in the US.Hernandez was accused of sex trafficking of a minor and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances.Both are also charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a minor, a potential life offense. Magistrate Judge Ray Kent in Grand Rapids, court documents show. stated Clayton had a silver semi-auto handgun in his possession in the residence, and that he would threaten her with it to make her use cocaine, or make her feel she was not free to leave," Williams wrote in the complaint.

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