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Where you get your construction leads from matters.

The Green Sheet team is comprised of local researchers who are experts in their territories.

The photos have caused controversy as model Jeremy, 33, is supposedly still married to wife Melissa and they have two children together.

On Sunday morning, there were several negative comments on Jeremy’s Instagram page about the new relationship.

No TV’s, no loud music and positively no gaming machines, just a friendly team dedicated to giving you a great time whether it’s a quick drink or a delicious lunch or dinner.

He had spent almost two years in prison for weapons and gang charges, with a criminal history stemming back to the early 2000s.

In a recent interview with, Jeremy said: "I definitely will never embrace the 'hot convict' brand. I don't want to embrace that image, 'cause that's not really me – I am more than what they portray me to be.

Their proximity to the projects they follow provides value not offered by anyone else in the industry. We understand our client’s priority is to find projects that will increase their bottom line.

We will continue to support and train your team to ensure they get the most out of your subscription.

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