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Rouhani's remarks were likely an attempt to appease hard-liners at home who have demanded a tougher stand against the United States. sanctions amount to a 'hostile' breach of the 2015 nuclear deal.'The U. has shown that it is neither a good partner nor a trustable negotiator,' Rouhani added.

On Tuesday, a US Navy patrol ship fired warning shots at a Guards boat in the Gulf as it closed in on the American vessel, US officials said.They deprive themselves of the advantages of peace.'But Rouhani also tempered his own threat, adding that Iran seeks to remain loyal to its commitments under the nuclear deal, which opened a 'path of cooperation and confidence-building' with the world.'The deal was a model of the victory of peace and diplomacy over war and unilateralism,' said Rouhani.A US Navy ship has fired flares at an Iranian patrol boat in the Persian Gulf on the day Tehran condemned new sanctions on its missile programme.Connect with Iranian Men and Women who are Waiting to Meet Someone Like You Right Now!Create Your FREE Personal Profile and You'll Enjoy Instant Access to the Most Attractive Iranian Singles Around.

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