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sure you will be happy to hear that I am a real dirty little live Irish phone sex cow.Suffice to say that “People want this issue to be simple and something that can be wrapped up, but I want people to come out of the theatre angry,” says Dyas. Some of the experiences we’ve heard of are really shadowy, and expose the deepest, darkest parts of our society.” Dyas has long been an outspoken and impassioned social activist, tackling issues as diverse as drug addiction and the bailout with vim and conviction.Why is she turning that high-powered acumen towards prostitution?“When a friend suggested it to me – it’s way more common an option than you think – I was shocked,” she says. I’m not that kind of girl’.” “Oh, it’s massively adversarial,” says Dyas of the ongoing tensions between both sets of women.“Both sides feel that [in campaigning for legislation in different ways] the other is endangering women’s lives.” Dyas spoke extensively with Rachel Moran, an author and activist who began working as a prostitute aged 14.

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