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These girls were often enslaved to the brothels by their parents from as young as seven years old.

The more fortunate girls would become attendants to high-ranking or elite courtesans. The only escape from Yoshiwara was for a wealthy man to buy a woman's contract from the brothel and keep her as his personal wife or concubine.

He explained he was so sick of complicated relationships with real women he bought a life-sized doll for a simple life.

The 61-year-old sleeps with his doll, who he named Saori, every night after buying her six years ago to fill the gap as he lived away from his wife.“Not just a silicon rubber.

Japan has finally enforced a ban on the possession of child sex abuse images after years of pressure.

The law, passed by the Japanese Diet last year, means anyone caught with child sex abuse images will face a prison term of up to one year or a fine of up to 1 million yen (£5,170).

Japanese legislators have waited a year to enforce the change to give people time dispose of offending images.The walled brothel district, which covered 20 acres and was surrounded by a moat, was the only government-sanctioned brothel district in the capital Three prostitutes from the infamous Nectarine No. One way the women could escape Yoshiwara was if a rich man bought her contract from the brothel and kept her as his personal wife or concubine.Another was if she was successful enough to buy her own freedom If the girls showed signs of talent, they would be trained in the relevant etiquette to serve an elite courtesan.Often, although contracts to the brothels were only supposed to last between five and ten years, the massive family debt kept them in the brothels their entire lives Prostitutes outside a brothel in Yoshiwara: Putting prostitutes on display in harimise was prohibited from 1916, due to intense international pressure.Yoshiwara operated until 1958, when the Japanese government outlawed prostitution A street scene in Yoshiwara, circa 1930: The district grew rapidly from its establishment in the seventeenth century, rising from under 550 prostitutes at its inception to more than 9,000 women by 1893 The luckier girls would become attendants to high-ranking courtesans, serving their so-called 'sister' courtesans.

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