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In Nigeria, the bride wears a typical Western style white wedding dress while the groom wears a suit.The wedding takes place in a church typically and a reception with feasting, dancing and music ensues. Leading up to the marriage, the man's family asks the woman's family for her hand in marriage.In the past, the wife to be was kept in a "fattening room" before the wedding in order to gain weight and learn to be a good spouse!Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Traditional Wedding in Nigeria South African An example of a South African wedding is that of a Zulu wedding.

The bride smashes a plate by stepping on it after the ceremony; the pieces are supposed to symbolize ending conflict or the number of children that will be born to the couple.

The meaning of weddings is the same globally; they bind two people together. In most cultures, marriages bind not only two people but two families or two communities even.

Elaborate and symbolic clothing is worn at weddings worldwide.

Family of the bride and groom are very important and in many cases there would be no marriages or wedding without the guidance and financial help of family.

Marriages are a time of celebration and joy in all cultures, often followed by feasting, music, and dancing.

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