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You will need a good quality camera for your streaming.

Depending on your strategy, a microphone might also be needed, but not required.

Read more here on how to broadcast live video in extreme conditions.

You want to make sure that your live animal cam reaches all the people you want to reach.

When streaming from the wild, make sure you have a constant internet source.

Access to the internet in the Amazonian jungle may not be easy, but there are hotspots available throughout the world.

Adobe Flash Media Live is a free encoder which you can directly download from your Da Cast account.

Since we are talking about animal streaming, though, we can assume many will be using IP cameras.

A CDN will help manage that high viewership number and the geographically diverse audience.For example, if you’re broadcasting birds, make sure your camera is in a place where it won’t be hit from above. Also, make sure your equipment can stand the harsh conditions of the outdoors.You never know when it might rain or worse, when the animal discovers your hidden camera and decides to eat it.What’s cuter than baby pandas rolling all over the floor? With the ease of live streaming these days, there are now a variety of available live animal cams online.Maybe a baby giraffe trying to take its first steps! Broadcasters can easily set up a live animal cam using just a camera, an internet connection and a streaming platform. If you want to set up an animal live video streaming channel on Da Cast, here are a few tips to get you started.

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