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Another instance of HIV transmission between WSW was reported for a woman aged 20 years with no other risk behaviors who said she had a 2-year relationship and unprotected intercourse with a female partner known to be HIV-infected (2).The woman and her partner had identical HIV-1 drug resistance mutations, but no phylogenetic linkage testing was conducted.

Her Multispot test was reactive to HIV-1 only, and she had an HIV-1 viral load of 23,600 copies/m L.The couple reported routinely having unprotected (using no barrier precautions) oral and vaginal contact and using insertive sex toys that were shared between them but were not shared with any other persons.They described their sexual contact as at times rough to the point of inducing bleeding in either woman.Other potential exposures associated with HIV transmission in WSW that must be ruled out include injection drug use (IDU), heterosexual sex, tattooing, acupuncture, piercing, use of shared sex toys between the partners and other persons, exposure to body fluids of others, and receipt of transplants or transfusion.Epidemiologic Findings The woman who acquired HIV was aged 46 years and had a history of heterosexual intercourse, but not in the 10 years before HIV infection.

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