Oxford student guide to dating posh girls

As he spoke two minions knelt, lifted his toga and performed sex acts on him. A guest told The Sun: "People began having sex with complete strangers.

"It got progressively wilder, thanks to the social lubricant of alcohol and all the drugs." Another past "Piers Gav" guest said how her memories of the annual party are tainted by the suspicion that a pal was date-raped.

1 Big Night Out is, without doubt, one of the best of its kind in London.

Drawing a crowd of students, backpackers and locals out to have a good time, the bar crawl checks in at some of the most happening spots in London and sets its guests up with loadsa freebies along the way.

The guests told how privileged undergraduates celebrated finishing exams at a marquee on the nearby land of a brewing family.

They were greeted by one of 12 members of the club who stood on a table in a toga.

Then he took her into a bush and had sex with her, which she didn't really want to happen." Sasha said partygoers were ordered back on the buses at 6am or face making their own way home. We got off the bus and had to trudge in our underwear along Oxford's main street when the joggers are out or people are heading to work.

"I think if I was older I would have intervened more but I was intimidated.

"One girl was kneeling on a sofa on all fours, stark naked but for a tiara and pearl earrings. She was so high I think she barely took in what was going on, and just hummed quietly to herself with glazed eyes and lips agape.

"That felt like the subtext of the whole party - to get a bunch of good-looking girls there and get them f****d up on drink and drugs for the posh blokes to have sex with them. "The second year I went, a friend essentially got date-raped. I saw him open her mouth wide and push MDMA into it.

"But with hindsight I wouldn't have gone." For her first party, themed on a Bacchanalian orgy, she wore a skimpy white dress.

But she explained: "When I got there I realised how much nudity there was.

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