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Payment shall be made by mail to any such employee who so requests and designates a mailing address therefor.CA Labor Code Section 201 An employee engaged in the business of oil drilling who is laid off must be paid within twenty-four (24) hours after discharge, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.CA Labor Code Section 222.5 California does not have a law addressing when or how an employer may reduce an employee’s wages or whether an employer must provide employees notice prior to instituting a wage reduction. of Industrial Relations states that an employer must give an employee prior notice of a change in pay periods.Presumably, this notice requirement would apply to any reduction in wage rates as well. Moreover, a wage reduction can only be applied to hours worked after the change and cannot be applied to hours already worked.CA Labor Code Section 201 If an employee quits and gives their employer at least seventy-two (72) hours notice, the employer must pay the employee all wages due at the time of quitting.If the employee fails to provide their employer with at least seventy-two (72) hours notice prior to quitting, the employer must pay the employee all wages due within seventy-two (72) hours after the time of quitting.Other payroll periods such as weekly, biweekly (every two weeks) or semimonthly (twice per month) when the earning period is something other than between the 1st and 15th, and 16th and last day of the month, must be paid within seven calendar days of the end of the payroll period within which the wages were earned.

The date of the mailing is considered the date of payment.CA Labor Code Section 213 California employers cannot require an employee to receive payment of wages by direct deposit.When an employee is discharged from employment by the employer, the employer must pay the employee all wages due at the time of termination.require an employee to purchase a uniform or equipment required to be worn by the employee.The term “uniform” includes wearing apparel and accessories of distinctive design and color.

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