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We thought it was worth it as our local PCT only 1 scan in pregnancy at 20 weeks.

Hi Hun, I think it woud b ea good idea if you don't have a NHS scan down at 12 weeks.

So if anyone read that comment and got their hopes up thinking they will get a earlier scan, you probably wont. It certainly didn't look anything like a baby and the heartbeat wasn't the easiest thing to see.I had mine with the same company but done in the Banbury clinic. So I had one for peace of mind after 2 previous miscarriages.As far as I am aware there is no way of the NHS knowing unless you tell them.I received a print out a couple of days leter with nuchal results and some other results all highlighted with 1 in whatever. Mine was through BUPA and I think their website advertised at about 80 so if you do book one check the price first.I had one done at a Nuffield hospital - it should have been 150 I think for the nuchal scan and triple blood test, but they lost my bloods and ended up only charging me half after I had to return to give more blood and wait longer!

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