Psp shuts down when updating

One thing that I did for issues with burning DVDs was to delete the "myshow_psdata" folder. I guess sometimes this folder could have problems when it is created.

After much trouble shooting with Pro Show support, they told me my PC was too slow, even though it was over the recommended hard ware specifications for the software.

Why would one work and another not if they used the same codecs and code to render?

So in the end for a function I am playing my slideshows tomorrow, I am going to use the to play the DVD essentially which gets my past the post, but not if I want to do anything else. Just to recap, only the first few seconds of a video segment within a slideshow when they appear drop frame rates dramatically whilst captions happily render etc..

Never had a rendering issue again on that computer, which I still use.

Matthias Hi Matthias, Thanks for contacting Photodex!

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