R java not updating automatically

When I doing that the update with any change I made previously. My project is not build everytime I make something new because I use capital letter on the file name and preventing the project to build.. I have search about the problem and found a solution to clean the project and then make changes to to force generated of file.Java Update is a feature that keeps your Windows computer up-to-date with the latest Java releases.

I did all the recommended solutions to generate my file. I delete the project from the workspace and re import it,after doing that when the project launched it start giving me the SDK not found error even I was given the correct Android SDK path.

I am using eclispe ADT which you can find from android site itself. I don't know why ADT plugin was showing it needs to update even the latest ADT 21.1 is installed .

I tried to updated that then ,i don't know how tools folder from my SDK get deleted after that .

If you have the auto-build option on, try unchecking it and building the application manually. I even tried starting the projects all over again but still nada...

I'm unable to the problem in my half built Facebook app. all the buttons, textview and imageviews are not being recognized.

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