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In fact, Grint couldn't even remember how many takes of the kiss they had to go through before director David Yates finally yelled, "Cut! But as Hermione and Ron grew to love one another romantically, Watson and Grint became more like brother and sister, making the snogging scene all the weirder for them.

"It was a tricky one, because it had to be believable.

When Harry and Hermione get into a fight when she rats out his broomstick's origins to Mc Gonagall, Harry makes up with her because he knows her heart was in the right place.

Their friendship is always more important to them than being right, and this sets their relationship apart from Ron and Hermione's relationship.

She chose Harry because she believed in him more than she cared for Ron.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hermione makes the calculated decision to bring Umbridge deep into the Forbidden Forest in hopes that she would attract some dangerous magical creatures, and she does so by promising to reveal all the DA's secrets.

We had to look like we wanted to do it, when in reality we really didn't," Grint said.

"We were soaking [in the scene], and that kind of made it a little bit easier, I think, because it was kind of this outburst of adrenaline." When MTV News chatted with Watson about the kiss back in 2009, she echoed similar uncomfortable sentiments.

They respected each other's individual talents enough to not let them overshadow the issues at hand (see: Voldemort).Professor Lupin says Hermione is the "smartest witch of her age" he'd ever met, and throughout the books she proves this to be true countless times.More importantly than Hermione's genius is that she alone of the Golden Trio really teaches Harry any useful magic.It doesn't even cross Cho's mind that Hermione and RON could very well be dating, because it really is not as believable as Harry and Hermione.When Ron succumbs to the pressures of the Horcrux and tells Harry he's leaving because he's lost faith in their mission, Hermione refuses to go with him. Because Hermione absolutely trusts Harry and his plan, regardless of how it was currently unfolding.

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Many in the wizarding world sometimes forget Muggles are actually people and simply think of them as lesser beings.

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