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This will ensure the attribute is properly applied to all of the relevant Realm files, regardless of their creation time. A synchronized Realm uses the Realm Object Server to transparently synchronize its contents with other devices.

In practice, your application works with any kind of Realm the same way, although opening a synchronized Realm requires a user that’s been authenticated to the Object Server and that’s authorized to open that Realm.

In practice, this can only happen the first time a Realm instance is created on a given thread.

Subsequent accesses to a Realm from the same thread will reuse a cached instance and will always succeed.

If you would like to share a Realm file between a tv OS app and a TV services extension (e.g.

This is another use case for the In-memory Realms do not save data across app launches, but all other features of Realm will work as expected, including querying, relationships and thread-safety.

From Swift, you can do everything you can do when using Realm from Objective‑C, like defining models and using Realm’s Objective‑C API.

However, there are a few things which you should do slightly differently than with pure Objective‑C projects: We recommend you compile the Swift/RLMSupport.swift file (which is also available in our release zip).

See our documentation on error handling for details.

Realms on the Realm Object Server are using the same property (and vice-versa).

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No data is actually written to the files unless the operating system needs to swap to disk due to memory pressure.

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