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For female same-sex couples there was an average age gap between partners of 4.8 years, and for male couples there was an average gap of 6.5 years.

In around a quarter (25%) of male same-sex relationships there was an age difference of 10 years or more between the partners, compared with only 8% for opposite-sex couples.

Although the overwhelming majority of same-sex couples described themselves on the Census form as de facto partners, there were 1,300 same-sex couples where one person was described as the husband or wife of the other.

The number of same-sex couples in Australia counted in the Census has risen significantly in recent years, with a 32% increase in the five years since 2006.

In opposite-sex relationships, the average age gap between the older and the younger partner was 3.7 years.

In the majority of cases (70%), the older partner was male and the younger partner was female. The 2011 Census counted 6,300 children living in same-sex couple families, up from 3,400 in 2001.

While they had relatively low numbers, people in same-sex couples (particularly women) reported higher than average rates of belonging to Spiritualism and Nature Religions (such as Paganism and Wiccan, both 2%). HIGHER LEVELS OF EDUCATION People in same-sex couples tend to be more highly educated than people in opposite-sex couples.

There may also be increased awareness that data about same-sex couples is made available from the Census, giving more reason for same-sex couples to be open about the nature of their relationship and willing to supply this information.

More than three-quarters of people in same-sex couples (76%) were aged less than 50, compared with 54% of people in opposite-sex couples.

Only 3% of people in same-sex couples were aged 65 or more, compared with 17% of people in opposite-sex couples.

Children in same-sex couple families make up only one in a thousand of all children in couple families (0.1%).

The vast majority of these children (89%) were in female same-sex couple families.

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Nearly two-thirds (64%) of opposite-sex couples with children had two or more children living in the family, compared with 47% of same-sex couples with children.

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