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This was standard-issue self-importance from the tech industry, a place where people go to make billions overnight while telling everyone that they’re also enlightening humanity.But here’s the thing: Tinder had a point, at least about the way Sales portrays modern dating.” This is a well-worn nerdism, but it reveals an important truth: When we consider our experiences and those of our friends and family, we’re only getting a tiny chunk of the full story of humanity.In that town over there, or in that state on the other side of the country, things might be very, very different, and it would be a mistake to extrapolate from our little slice of the world.This is worth keeping in mind whenever a new moral panic is Sales’ account is loaded with anecdotes: There’s the finance guy who claims to have slept with 30 to 40 women off Tinder in the last year; the 23-year-old male model who insists that women want guys to send them dick pics (cool story, bro); the sorority sisters bemoaning the fact that college men, drenched with easy access to sex, are so bad at it; and the 26-year-old guy — think of him as a Tinder-era Walter Sobchak — who assures Sales that if he wanted to, he could find someone to have sex with bymidnight."In a female-female marriage, the right answer is mother No. 2."In a male-male marriage, the right answer is surrogate mother, sperm donor, followed by adoption," the judge said."In your view, doesn't there have to be identical treatment of the male-male marriage and the female-female marriage?The problem is that while Sales certainly spins a good yarn, it doesn’t really add up to evidence that something revolutionary is afoot.It’s one thing to write an ethnographic piece about Tinder-maters in their natural habitat; it’s another to extrapolate this to make sweeping claims about the epochal ways dating and sex are changing. Wandering about and talking to people is important — is, in fact, a cornerstone of journalism — but there are inherent limitations to it.

And she’s hardly the first journalist to raise this alarm: Over the last few years, reports on “hookup culture” — some focusing on alcohol and campus culture, some on technology, and some on both — have become a thriving genre.

A panel of three appeals-court judges are examining whether Indiana discriminates by not recognizing two married women both as parents on their children's birth certificates. One Indianapolis couple who are a part of the lawsuit, Jackie and Lisa Phillips-Stackman, had a baby in 2015 born from Jackie's embryo, fertilized from a sperm donor with no parental rights, that Lisa carried."That's a policy argument to take to the legislature," Sykes responded.

The state of Indiana is appealing a ruling from a federal District Court judge, who sided with the same-sex couples and ordered the state to recognize both women as parents on birth certificates of children who are conceived through a sperm donor."In our view, that order creates an inequality that did not exist before and undermines the rights of biological fathers and their children," Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fisher said.

There will inevitably be some bias in who you talk to, or in who’s willing to talk to you; in Sales’ case, we hear almost exclusively from young, single people who are active (sometimes overactive) Tinder users, and almost entirely from men who are constantly looking for casual sex.

In other words, Sales is talking to exactly the sorts of people you’d expect to use dating apps in a way that will help them find more people to sleep with, and then, having discovered that these promiscuous people use a promiscuity-enabling app to find other promiscuous people to have promiscuous sex with, reporting back to us that we’re in the midst of a promiscuity-fueled dating “revolution” in how people deal with romance and sex.

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