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Games will only get you so far; real love is much grander than that.Now, while I’m now married, I’ve always remained extremely passionate about helping singles to attract the love they deserve.Just because someone is single doesn’t mean he/she is undesirable; in fact, there are many very eligible singles out there, waiting to meet their “one”!Here’s the thing, and this may be an unpopular opinion: it is true that some singles have inner blocks that prevent them from getting attached.The more you think about it, the more your insecurities will come to light: Will my responses in person come out the same way as they did via text?

That just sounds like the plot of a bad Lifetime movie. A great relationship you'll learn a lot of life lessons from?

Online dating gets that question out of the way immediately, since you're really only swiping right on people whose faces you wouldn't mind kissing anyway.

But then comes the real concern: Will you enjoy talking to each other while you're sitting right across from one another?

We were talking about relationships (both of us were single), and he asked me how many relationships I had been in before. When meeting guys next time, especially guys you like, don’t tell them what you just told me.”“What do you mean? “Like don’t tell guys that I’ve always been single? It didn’t help that my acquaintance-friend was a presentable guy in his 30s, which left me wondering if there were really other guys who would think this way too.

While I had been on dates and had been in budding romances before, none of them culminated to anything, so I regarded myself as always single. He took a sip from his drink, almost as if he needed to regain composure from what he just heard. Just not zero.”I paused, trying to hide my incredulous look while cautiously piecing together a diplomatic response.

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