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Similarly, stay away from the real depressing details of your life.

Once you get to know someone, of course you will want to reveal information about things like your divorce.

They will help get you in front of the kind of people you’re looking for. Don’t choose a photo from five years ago, even if you were ten pounds lighter then. So many people post photos of themselves with friends, children or pets. Time magazine cites studies showing that 42% fewer people received positive responses to profile pictures which contained groups of friends over solo shots.

One of the most important dating profile tips you should follow? If you end up meeting someone through an outdated profile pic, they will see right away in person that you are not who you said you were. The study also found that posing with your cat or dog resulted in 53% fewer messages from potential dates.

Your potential date will forgive you if you fudge a few pounds in your description.

For example, you could say something like: “I would like to visit India one day. ” It’s hard to display your personal style while following strict guidelines.

Invest in a flattering photograph that shows who you really are.

This article is inspired by and dedicated to all the men who have an ingrained belief, limiting at that, that online dating is only for “good looking guys”.

It shows you like to travel, enjoy adventurous sports, and care about family.

Focus on who you want to attract, instead of making it all about you.

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This is a good rule to follow once you are in a relationship, too.

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