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Bridgewater weaves her emphatic emotions and storytelling expertise throughout Simone's heartfelt lyrics and simply holds you spellbound, compelling you to replay it more than once.

In 1974, her first own album, entitled Afro Blue, appeared, and she also performed on Broadway in the musical The Wiz.This CD reissue (whose companion is ) has a 20-minute version of All Mornin' Long, along with briefer renditions of They Can't ...Bridgewater's heartfelt tribute to Ella Fitzgerald is a resounding testament not only to the legendary jazz vocal icon, but also to Bridgewater's own faithful singing style, rich in Ella's tonal quality particularly on the high end. 's self-titled album opens with a song that sounds closer to than , throwing her jazz fans for a loop.Born Denise Eileen Garrett in Memphis, Tennessee, she was raised Catholic in Flint, Michigan.Her father, Matthew Garrett, was a jazz trumpeter and teacher at Manassas High School, and through his playing, she was exposed to jazz early on.

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