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For example: =Sum([Order Line Sub Total]) - this totals all of the sub totals for each Order Line (where a customer orders more than one product on the same order) Then, =[Orders Subform].[Form]![Order Subtotal] - This formula takes the total from the previous calculation and displays this on the form.My problem now is how to update the related table with this calculated info.I have a 'Save Order' button on my form which writes all other form elements to the table, but not any calculated fields.I was looking for an efficient solution (there may not be one...) knowing that this is only going to be growing. Heading off to a meeting in a couple minutes or I'd try to answer more fully.Regarding the multiple methods question: Yes, the table is being updated by multiple methods both through the query and input from the form. By the nature of your comments, it sounds like you have a real good idea how to build this.This is a basic use-case for "subform" feature in Access.The main form simply navigates through different locations, while the subform lists the items. The main form is linked to subform by [location_code].

My partner and I have gone with our long code work around solution that does the trick for now for Problem two. I'm writing a customer orders database, where I have a series of forms.I have an 'Orders' form which contains a number of calculations, which takes calculations from other forms to give Grand Totals.As the next step, I want to add a calculated control to each of the above triplets. Now instead of the above triplets, my list has four entries per line: [item_name]-[item_price]-[item_quantity]-[total_item_price].I want to know the total price for each kind of item (i.e. And, what is important, when I edit [item_price] or [item_quantity], the [total_item_price] gets automatically reevaluated once I finish editing.

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