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Nikon has provided updates for the SB-900 firmware, something previously not done with Speedlight units.The current firmware version is 5.0.2, and you can install that by downloading the proper file from Nikon's Web site and using a D90, D300, D700, D3, or D3x to perform the update (these cameras must have their firmware at the current version first).You can repeatedly press a button to get to new settings, or you can press the button and then use the control wheel to get a specific setting faster.The one thing that might stop you for a moment is "how do I get to the custom settings?Flash head style is something I want to play with a lot, but if the flash is in standby, for instance, I have to push one button, hold a second one, press that button again, use the control wheel, then press the button one last time to make a change.That's just a bit too much UI for what could have just been a slider switch.

What I don't like about the case is a common problem I find with of Nikon's products: they just don't consider how we really use and carry these things." Nikon even tried to make that more obvious by printing a "• OK -- MENU" legend on the back.That means that the OK button if pressed means "OK," but if will take you to the menu system, where the custom configuration settings live.I actually have to be paying attention to make the change at all.I suppose that's a good thing, but there's really no reason why a critical switch like this has to be made as small as possible on a flash that's grown in size.

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