Updating ps3 via cd

Your console should be connected to the Internet before the installation begins and remain connected during the entire installation process.

Be sure to check the title ID in case there is a different edition of that title. (Example: file for Demon's Souls US disc doesn't work with Demon's Souls EU disc).You can still override automatic module loading and choose which firmware modules you want to use manually. Due to legal reasons, Play Station 3 titles cannot be distributed online and must be self-dumped from your own Play Station 3 console or from your computer using a compatible Blu-ray drive.Both Blu-ray and Play Station Network titles (PSN) must be placed into a single folder with their respective files and the folder name must correspond to the title's ID.To do this, you will need a Play Station 3 system with a custom firmware and various software tools that are used to rip/dump titles from your system's Blu-ray drive or internal storage.Unfortuently we cannot provide a detailed guide on this method.

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If you are not sure what your dumped title's region ID is, you can find your region ID on the bottom side-edge of your game case.

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